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Hittite Microwave Corporation (ADI)
  • Hittite

  • Full Name : Hittite Microwave Corporation (ADI) 회사
  • 회사의 웹 사이트 :
  • Acquirer : ADI

  • 나라 : United States

Manufacturer Introduction

Hittite Microwave Corporation was established in 1985,  is specialized in designing and developing high performance integrated circuits (ICs), modules, subsystems and instrumentation for technically demanding radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter-wave applications. These applications include cellular, fiber and satellite communications, as well as medical and scientific imaging, industrial instrumentation, aerospace and defense electronics. With nearly 30 years of experience and innovative practices, Hittite has a strong presence in analog, digital and mixed-signal semiconductor technologies, ranging from device-level to complete subsystem design and assembly. Hittite Microwave was acquired and merged in 2014 by Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI).

The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA with three engineering design centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Istanbul, Turkey and Ottawa, Ontario. Hittite Microwave has also established a global sales network covering Boston, Hyderabad, London, Munich, Seoul, Shanghai, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

Hittite Microwave has developed advanced analog, digital and mixed-signal semiconductor technology ranging from the device level to the design and assembly of complete subsystems. Besides, state-of-the-art Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Silicon-based semiconductor processes have been applied during the development of the Digital Integrated Circuit (IC), Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) products. Hittite Microwave also adopts MESFET, HEMT, pHEMT, mHEMT, HBT and PIN devices during the GaAs, GaN, InGaP/GaAs, InP, SOI, SiGe, CMOS, and BiCMOS semiconductor processes.

Hittite Microwave has a broad line of products. Amplifiers, attenuators, comparators, data converters, frequency multipliers, mixers, oscillators, passives, phase shifters, power detectors, signal generators, sensors, switches, and some other products can all be available in Hittite Microwave. The company is dedicated to supporting the markets of automotive, microwave & mmWave communications, broadband, military, cellular infrastructure, space, fiber optic, and test & measurement. Through years of development, the company has been ISO 9001:2000, AS9100 B and ANS/ESD S20.20-1999 certified. In addition, the company is dedicated to meeting the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) European Union directive.

Hittite is product portfolio consists of Microwave MMIC switches, microwave MMIC attenuators and MMIC mixer products, etc..

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Consumer Electronics / Communication / Network


  • HMC110 pdf of Hittite

    크기: 79 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-03-20

    The HMC110 chip is a 5-bit digital attenuator with a 31 dB range in 1 dB steps. Each bit is activated by applying 0V to port A and disabled with -5 V to port A. Port B (as applicable) is bia...

  • HMC110G16 pdf of Hittite

    크기: 92 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-03-20

    The HMC110G16 is a 5-bit surface mount hermetically sealed digital attenuator. Each bit is activated by applying a 0V control, and then disabled by applying -5 V control to the specified con...





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