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Lite-On Inc
  • Lite-On

  • Full Name : Lite-On Inc 회사
  • 회사의 웹 사이트 : www.us.liteon.com
  • 나라 : Unknown

Manufacturer Introduction

Since 1975 Lite-On has produced LED lamps and steadily grown into one of the world's largest optoelectronics manufacturers by providing customers with both visible and infrared product solutions. High-volume capacities for commodity items and application-specific products, combined with strong R&D and vertical integration, have proven to be key distinguishing factors in Lite-On's success. Their broad product line continues to expand to meet the requirements of emerging markets and new applications.

Founded in 1975, LITE-ON Technology Corporation is a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronics, information technology, and storage device components. Building on its professional packaging designs and sophisticated manufacturing experiences, LITE-ON Technology not only has been able to provide customers with high-quality optoelectronic component solutions, but also has been constantly pursuing high-performance and low-pollutant light sources as the major goal. LITE-ON leverages its existing advantage as a world-class enterprise in this age of changes and challenges to become the partner of choice for global customers developing innovations and applications for photonic, energy-saving, and smart technologies.

응용 프로그램의 범위

Home Appliances (White)/Home Appliances (Brown)/Mobile Device/Wearable Device/Automotive/IR Touch Devices/Cleaning Robots/Surveillance & Smoke Detectors/E-meters