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Renesas Technology Corp
  • Renesas

  • Full Name : Renesas Technology Corp 회사
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Manufacturer Introduction

Renesas Electronics Corporation (Runesasu Erekutoronikusu Kabushiki Gaisha?) TYO: 6723 is a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo. It has manufacturing, design and sales operations in around 20 countries.

Renesas is one of the world's largest manufacturers of semiconductor systems for mobile phones and automotive applications. It is the world's largest manufacturer of microcontrollers and the second largest manufacturer of application processors.

Renesas is also known for LCD drivers, RF ICs, mixed-signal integrated circuits and system-on-a-chip semiconductors.It was the world's largest auto semiconductor maker in 2014,[4] and the world's largest maker of microcontrollers. It also makes mixed-signal integrated circuits and system on a chip semiconductors.

In September 2016, Renesas announced that it would acquire Intersil Corporation for $3.2 billion.Renesas presented its Mid-Term Growth Strategy in November, 2016.

In February 2017, Renesas completed the acquisition of Intersil Corporation.In April 2017, Renesas unveiled in a self-driving demo car at a global developer conference that it will start delivering a new line of products for self-driving cars in December 2017 as it takes on global giants such as Intel Corp. The new technology acts as an onboard nerve center, coordinating and controlling vehicle functions.

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Renesas Electronics' products include:

System LSIs

Microcontrollers/microprocessors (e.g. RL78, 78K(0), R8C, RX, V850, SuperH, M16C, M32C, R32C, H8, RH850 etc.)


Logic ICs

Analog ICs

Discrete devices (diodes, Power MOSFETs, thyristors and triacs, transistors)

Memory ICs (Flash, SRAM)

System on a chip R-Car

Renesas is product portfolio consists of Power devices, optoelectronic devices, analog/mixed-signal ICs, system LSIs, memories, microcontrollers, etc..

응용 프로그램의 범위

Consumer Electronics / Lighting Electronics / Communications / Network / Transportation / Automotive / Industrial / Automation


  • HMI Memory Demystified

    크기: 561 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-02-25

    In the past it was sufficient for develope of industrial and coumer applicatio to integrate monochrome LCDs or low resolution-TFTs into their HMI-desig. For these desig they were q...

  • Medical Application Guide

    크기: 1563 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-02-25

    This guide provides compreheive system level solutio for design and development of medical device applicatio using Renesas microcontrolle, standard integrated circuits and discrete d...

  • The Core Difference in Your Design of microcontrollers

    크기: 7495 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-02-25

    The RX architecture is future oriented and feature rich. It’s driven by a Renesas technology roadmap that focuses on the global environment and anticipates the enormous gai in sophisticati...

  • Migrating to Advanced Displays

    크기: 550 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-02-25

    Steve Jobs did a great job at Apple, but he also changed the world. A simple 7-segment display is not enough for even the most simple of applicatio today; custome are asking for bigger d...





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