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Richtek Technology Corporation
  • richtek

  • Full Name : Richtek Technology Corporation 회사
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Manufacturer Introduction

Richtek Technology Corporation was established in 1998.The headquarter is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan.They are engaging in designing the power management IC.Richtek focus much attention on deliver the most competitive power management IC products, the most comprehensive solutions and the most quality services.They have branches in Shenzhen, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Korea,US, Japan, Europe. Richtek is a leading provider of power management IC solutions. Their product includes Linear Regulator, Switching Converter, Switching Controller, Battery Management, WLED Driver, Operational Amplifier, Voltage Detector, Power Switch/MUX, Photoflash Charger, Multi-Channel Regulator, MOSFET Driver, ACPI Power Regulator, DAC. Richtek's Applications line coversMotherboard, Digital Still Camera, LED Lighting, Notebook, Networked Communication, Mobile, Large Flat Panel Display. They have have received ISO9001:1994,ISO9001:2000,ISO14001:1996,ISO14001:2004 certifications. Richtek has been recognized in the electronics industry and media for its technologies. In September 2004, Richtek was invited to the Intel Technology Symposium (one of the highly acknowledged technology forums) and shared its proprietary research.Richtek is the only one which were invited in Asia power management IC field.Richtek are dedicated to providing their customers with the total power management solutions and cost-effective ICs to increase their competitiveness.They aim to take the lead in technology, quality, cost, service, and market share in power industry.

richtek is product portfolio consists of Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators, LED Drivers, Battery Management, Power Switches, Operational Amplifiers, MOSFET Drivers, PC System Buck Controllers, Multi-Channel Power Management ICs, Power Monitoring and Circuit Protection, AC/DC, Audio, Motors Drive, etc..

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Consumer Electronics / Portable Devices / Communications / Network


  • RT9401A/RT9401B pdf of Richtek

    크기: 121 Kb 게시 된 시간: 2020-03-11

    The RT9401A/B are digital to analog converte which generate a reference voltage for Intel VR10.x/AMD K8 5-bit VID code respectively. The parts are proposed to pair with a series of RichTek...

    RT9401A B 다운로드
  • Richtek Marking Information

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    As some of Richtek power management ICs features various voltage veio or functionalities. To avoid additional part number may cause the data sheet being changed frequently, this document...





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