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> Other > 7408 Integrated Circuit: Pin Diagram, Datasheet and Truth Table

7408 Integrated Circuit: Pin Diagram, Datasheet and Truth Table

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Integrated circuits play a crucial role in contemporary electronics, and among the extensively utilized ones is the 7408. This compact device's intriguing internal configuration enables it to execute various logical functions. In this article, we will explore the 7408 Integrated Circuit, including its pin diagram, features, equivalent, datasheet and more details. Everything you need to know about the IC 7408.

7408 Integrated Circuit.jpg

What is 7408 Integrated Circuit?

The IC 7408 is a chip housing four independent two-input AND gates. Each gate has one output, two inputs, and three pins, performing logic AND operations. These logic gates are conveniently available in IC form. With its flexibility, the 7408 IC enables the creation of a wide range of digital systems, from basic Boolean functions to intricate logic operations. This adaptable chip opens the door to limitless possibilities, allowing for the swift construction of reliable and user-friendly digital systems. Engineers and hobbyists can transform ideas into reality seamlessly by incorporating the 7408 IC into their projects. Combined with other components, this potent IC delivers remarkable results, offering unparalleled convenience and performance.

Features of 7408 Integrated Circuit

  • Compatible with TTL, Direct Interface to CMOS, NMOS, and TTL Outputs

  • Four 2-Input Logic AND Gates

  • Operates Across a Wide Voltage Range

  • Low Power Consumption

  • High Noise Immunity

  • Swift High-Speed Switching

  • Protection Against Overload

  • Minimal Noise Levels

  • Includes 8 Input Lines and 4 Output Lines

7408 Integrated Circuit Specification

Logic FamilyTTL
Number of GatesQuad 2-Input AND
Dual-In-Line (DIL)14 pin
Independent 2−Input AND gates4
Supply Voltage (VCC)4.75V to 5.25V
High-Level Input Voltage (VIH)2V (min)
Low-Level Input Voltage (VIL)0.8V (max)
High-Level Output Voltage (VOH)2.7V (min)
Low-Level Output Voltage (VOL)0.5V (max)
Input Current (IIH/IIL)±20μA (max)
Output Current (IOH/IOL)±8mA (max)
Propagation Delay (tpd)11ns (typical)
Operating Temperature Range0°C to 70°C
PackageDual In-line Package (DIP)

IC 7408 Pin Diagram

The IC 7408 comprises fourteen pins, encompassing ground and Vcc pins. Pin 1 serves as the input for the first AND gate, pin 2 as the second input, and pin 3 as the output of the first AND gate. Pins 4 to 6 correspond to the inputs and outputs of the second AND gate. Pin 7 functions as the ground pin, supplying power to the chip. Pin 14, on the other hand, is the Vcc terminal responsible for providing the chip with a power supply.

Refer to the IC 7408 pinout diagram provided below.

IC 7408 Pinout.jpg

In the logic diagram of the 7408, "A" and "B" represent input gates, "Y" signifies the output gate, "GND" denotes ground, and "VCC" indicates the power supply.

IC 7408 Pin Configuration

Pin No.Pin NameDescription
1A Input Gate 1Input of the first AND gate (Input A1)
2B Input Gate 1Input of the first AND gate (Input B1)
3Y Output Gate 1Output of the first AND gate
4A Input Gate 2Input of the second AND gate (Input A2)
5B Input Gate 2Input of the second AND gate (Input B2)
6Y Output Gate 2Output of the second AND gate
7GroundGround (Common Ground for all gates)
8Y Output Gate 3Input of the third AND gate (Input A3)
9B Input Gate 3Input of the third AND gate (Input B3)
10A Input Gate 3Output of the third AND gate
11Y Output Gate 4Positive Power Supply
12B Input Gate 4Input of the fourth AND gate (Input A4)
13A Input Gate 4Input of the fourth AND gate (Input B4)
14Vcc - Positive SupplyOutput of the fourth AND gate

IC 7408 Truth Table

The 7408 IC, featuring four 2-input AND gates, follows a straightforward truth table that mirrors the fundamental logic of an AND gate.

IC 7408 And Gate Truth Table

A (Input)B (Input)Y (Output)

In this table:

  • "A" and "B" denote the two inputs for each AND gate.

  • "Y" represents the output.

  • "0" and "1" signify the low (0V) and high (typically 5V in TTL logic) logic levels, respectively.

The output (Y) of an AND gate is high (1) only when both inputs (A and B) are high (1). In all other scenarios—where either or both inputs are low (0)—the output is low (0). This logical behavior applies uniformly to all four AND gates within the 7408 IC.

IC 7408 Equivalents

Each of these integrated circuits (ICs) functions as a viable substitute for the 7408, offering distinct advantages concerning power consumption, switching speeds, and compatibility with voltage ranges, rendering them suitable for diverse applications.

  • SN7408: Similar to the 7408, part of the Texas Instruments SN series

  • 74LS08: Low-power Schottky variant, boasting faster switching times and reduced power consumption

  • 74HC08: High-speed CMOS variant designed for increased operating speeds and broader voltage range compatibility

  • 74HCT08: High-speed CMOS with TTL-compatible inputs

  • CD4081: CMOS variant with a wider voltage range (3V to 18V)

  • MC14008: CMOS variant akin to CD4081, suitable for applications requiring higher voltage ranges

7408 Integrated Circuit Manufacturer

The 7408 is a frequently utilized 74xx series of integrated circuits (ICs) member. This series, a family of digital logic ICs, encompasses various ICs designed to fulfill specific logic functions. Specifically, the 7408 is categorized as a quad 2-input AND gate featuring four AND gates, each equipped with two inputs.

Regarding the manufacturing of the 7408 IC, multiple semiconductor companies have engaged in its production and continue to do so within the 74xx series.

  • Texas Instruments (TI): A prominent semiconductor manufacturer, Texas Instruments produces diverse ICs, including those in the 74xx series.

  • Fairchild Semiconductor: Once an independent entity, Fairchild Semiconductor, now part of ON Semiconductor, holds a legacy in producing ICs, being one of the early manufacturers of 74xx series logic ICs.

  • NXP Semiconductors: Originating from Philips Semiconductors, NXP is recognized for producing logic ICs and is a notable manufacturer within the 74xx series.

  • STMicroelectronics: A global semiconductor company, STMicroelectronics manufactures various ICs, encompassing those found in the 74xx series.

Versions from different manufacturers may be encountered when dealing with or acquiring the 7408 IC. However, they are generally interchangeable, provided they adhere to the standard specifications of the 74xx series.

7408 Integrated Circuit Applications

  • Digital Logic Gates

  • Binary Counters

  • Multiplexers

  • Flip-flops

  • Bus Driver/Receiver

  • Address Decoders

  • Data Latches

  • Logic gate circuits

  • Decoders

  • Shift registers

  • Counters

  • Arithmetic circuits

  • Memory units

  • Measuring instruments

  • Servers

  • ALUs (Arithmetic Logic Units)

  • Control Systems

  • Input/Output Interface

  • Signal Gating

IC 7408 Datasheet

Download IC 7408 Datasheet.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage7V
Input Voltage5.5V
Operating Free Air Temperature0°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature Range-65°C to +150°C

Observing the specified absolute maximum ratings is crucial for the proper utilization and durability of IC 7408. Going beyond these limits may lead to IC damage or a decline in performance. It is imperative to ensure that operational conditions remain within these predefined ranges to uphold the integrity and functionality of the IC.

Maximum Propagation Delay: IC 7408 is characterized by a maximum propagation delay of 10 nanoseconds (ns). This parameter signifies the maximum time required for an input change to manifest at the output, a critical aspect for timing and synchronization in high-speed digital circuits.

Operating Temperature Range: The IC exhibits effective operation within a temperature range from -55°C to 125°C. This extensive temperature spectrum ensures reliable performance across diverse environmental conditions, encompassing extreme cold and high-temperature scenarios, thereby rendering the IC suitable for applications in industrial and military settings.

Storage Temperature Range: With a storage temperature range extending from -65°C to +150°C, the IC can be securely stored under varying conditions without compromising functionality. This wide range is pivotal for preserving the long-term integrity of the IC during periods of inactivity.

High-Speed Operation: The IC is adept at operating at high speeds, reaching up to 10 MHz. This feature makes it well-suited for applications in high-speed digital scenarios where swift processing and response times are of utmost importance.

Recommended Operating Conditions

7408 Recommended Operating Conditions.png

Electrical Characteristics

7408 Electrical Characteristics.png

Switching Characteristics

7408 Switching Characteristics.png

IC 7408 Dimensional Drawing

7408 Dimensional Drawing.png

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  • What is 74 in 7408 IC?
  • The designation "74" within the IC 7408 indicates the particular integrated circuit (IC) package variant. In the instance of the 7408, it pertains to the distinct packaging tailored for the quad 2-input AND gate.

  • What is 7408 internal structure?
  • The circuit, denoted as 7408, comprises four AND logic gates, each featuring two inputs denoted as A and B. Additionally, each gate has a single output, denoted as Y. The output for each gate is determined by the logical AND operation applied to the respective A and B inputs.

  • What is the function of 7408?
  • The 7408 Integrated Circuit (IC) is a valuable resource for constructing fundamental logic gates.

  • How does the 7408 IC operate?
  • The IC 7408 is a logic gate chip featuring four independent two-input AND gates. These four AND gates possess one output, two inputs, and three pins. The AND gates perform logical AND operations.

  • How many gates are there in 7408?
  • Four independent gates.

  • What are the advantages of using AND gate?
  • AND gate is simple to implement and understand.

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