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Infineon’s Product_XMC4500

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Infineon’s Product_XMC4500

Infineon Technologies XMC4000'S History

Neubiberg, Germany – January 23, 2012 – Infineon Technologies introduced its new XMC4000 32-bit microcontroller family, which uses the Cortex™-M4 processor from ARM®. Infineon applied more than 30 years of experience in the development of microcontrollers with application-optimized peripherals and outstanding real-time capability in its design of the XMC4000 family, and combines this with the advantages of a widely distributed core architecture. The XMC4000 family supports three main trends in industrial applications: It helps to improve energy efficiency, supports a large number of communication standards and reduces software complexity during development. The target applications of the XMC4000 family include electric drives, solar inverters and the automation of manufacturing and buildings. 

The first device in the 32-bit XMC4000 family that Infineon is bringing to market is the XMC4500 series. These microcontrollers offer a 120-MHz-CPU, up to 1 MByte of embedded Flash memory, 160 Kbytes of RAM and a comprehensive range of peripheral and interface functions. The peripherals include four parallel fast 12-bit A/D converter modules, two 12-bit D/A converters, four delta sigma demodulator modules, six capture/compare units (CCU4 and CCU8), two positioning interface modules, and a module for eight touch buttons. Communication functions comprise interfaces for Ethernet, USB, and SD/MMC. In addition, the XMC4000 family offers three CAN modules, six serial communication channels and one external bus interface for communication. The package options are LQFP-144, LQFP-100 and LFBGA-144. 

The description of Infineon’s Product_XMC4500

The XMC4500 32-bit microcontroller uses a 120 MHz Cortex-M4 core and has up to 1 MByte of flash and 160 Kbytes of RAM. It features four 12-bit A/D converters with 500 ns conversion time and two 12-bit D/A converters.The chip targets industrial applications with four delta sigma demodulator modules, six capture/compare units, two positioning interface modules, and a module for eight touch buttons.It has up to four PWM modules with 150 ps resolution plus an IEEE 1588-compatible Ethernet MAC, USB 2.0, CAN, and SD/MMC interfaces. (Approximately 5 Euro in production qty – production March.)

Availability of XMC4500 and other family members

Samples of the XMC4500 series and DAVE 3 is available from March 2012. High-volume production of the XMC4500 products starts in May 2012. For development support Infineon offers a modular design kit with which up to three additional application boards can be connected to the basic design board, depending on the respective application requirements. Samples of the XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100 series  are available from the fourth quarter of 2012. Depending on the XMC4000 series and package selected, the unit price for a XMC4000 microcontroller ranges between Euro 1 and Euro 7. 

What is the Features of XMC4500

ARM® Cortex™-M4, 120MHz, includes single cycle DSP MAC and floating point unit (FPU)
1MB eFlash including hardware ECC
160kB RAM
12-channel DMA
IEEE 1588 compliant Ethernet MAC
USB 2.0 full-speed on-the-go
Comprehensive set of timers and PWM, delta-sigma demodulator, position interface
4x 12-bit ADC kernels with up to 26 channels, 2x 12-bit DAC
6x Multi-function serial interface modules configurable to SPI, I²C, I²S, UART
3x CAN nodes
External bus interface supporting SDRAM, SRAM, NOR-/NAND-Flash and memory-mapped IO devices (e.g. LCD)
SD/MMC interface
Touch interface & LED matrix
Battery-backed realtime clock with calender function and timebased or external
wake-up capabilities
Extended temp range up to 125ºC

What is the Applications of XMC4500

Motor control/Position detection
IO devices/HMI
Solar inverters/SMPS
Sense & control/PLC
UPS/Light networks
XMC4500 for industrial applications in the medium performance range

DATASHEET LINK:The XMC4500 datasheet and pdf

About The XMC4500 datasheet and pdf;

This Data Sheet is addressed to embedded hardware and software developers. It provides the reader with detailed descriptions about the ordering designations, available
features, electrical and physical characteristics of the XMC4500 series devices.The document describes the characteristics of a superset of the XMC4500 series
devices. For simplicity, the various device types are referred to by the collective term XMC4500 throughout this manual.
XMC4000 Family User Documentation
The set of user documentation includes:
• Reference Manual
– decribes the functionality of the superset of devices.
• Data Sheets
– list the complete ordering designations, available features and electrical
characteristics of derivative devices.
• Errata Sheets
– list deviations from the specifications given in the related Reference Manual or
Data Sheets. Errata Sheets are provided for the superset of devices


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