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How to deal with battery bulge

업데이트 시간: 2020-06-08 18:59:47

Is the gas in the battery bulge toxic?

The gas contained in the battery drum is toxic. This must be true. The electrolyte of the lithium battery is lithium hexafluorophosphate. After decomposition, there will be fluorine gas and some other gases. These are all toxic, but the concentration of a single battery is definitely not leaking. High, don't worry.

battery bulge

How to deal with mobile phones with battery bulge

Many friends, when they use mobile phones to charge, don’t pay attention, and after a while, they found that the mobile phone bulge has swelled, and the successive explosion of the mobile phone battery is also caused by the usual inattention to the use of the battery. So, how to deal with the mobile phone battery bulge? . The following editors will introduce to you.

Mobile phone batteries are high-energy lithium batteries. In case of bulging and swelling, please do not continue to use it to avoid dangerous situations. At this time, please replace the battery in time!

Mobile phone batteries have a service life of one to two years, and problems will occur later. The problems are mainly due to improper use at ordinary times, when the battery is shipped from the factory, the quality is not close, and the structure is not perfect.

The metallic properties of lithium are destined to undergo oxidation reactions when the drums are exposed to oxygen in the air, which will cause an explosion hazard.

In fact, the charge and discharge of the lithium battery is a chemical reaction. When charging, the lithium atoms in the positive electrode of the lithium ion battery will lose an electron and become negative as lithium ions. Lithium ions swim through the alkaline solution to the negative electrode, and then store, discharge process, on the contrary, release a lithium ion, reduced to lithium atoms. Not durable because of internal consumption.

There is a layer of separator paper inside the battery. A good barrier paper can actively close the pores when the battery temperature is too high, so that lithium ions cannot pass through and prevent injury. But when the quality of the separator paper is not enough, it will cause harm.

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