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> Other > The Ultimate Guide to IR2104 Half Bridge MOSFET Driver

The Ultimate Guide to IR2104 Half Bridge MOSFET Driver

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Numerous household and industrial appliances rely on semiconductor integrated circuits, utilizing an H-bridge configuration to drive loads from low-power inputs and produce amplified currents. Among the options available, the IR2104 driver stands out in the realm of power electronics. It is highly regarded for its advanced features and dependable performance. The IR2104 offers high voltage and current ratings, precise PWM input characteristics, and efficient dead time control, making it well-suited for demanding applications. Its capability to operate in bootstrap mode further enhances its versatility, making it a favored choice among engineers designing high-performance power systems. In this article, we'll delve into the IR2104 half-bridge driver, including its specifications, pinout, circuit diagram and more details. Everything you need to know about IR2104 IC.

What is IR2104 Half-Bridge Driver?

The IR2104 IC is a high-speed half-bridge driver that efficiently converts low-power input into high-current drives. It is commonly used to control the gate of high-power transistors, such as power MOSFETs, and also functions as a level shifter and power amplifier. With a typical source current of 0.21A and sink current of 0.36A, its logic input is compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL outputs, operating reliably with as low as 3.3V logic levels.

The IGBT and MOSFET driver's output channels are referenced to high and low sides, and the logic input is compatible with 3.3V logic, also working well with LSTTL and CMOS outputs. These technologies are resistant to proprietary HVC and latch issues, enabling monolithic construction.


Features & Specifications


  • The IR2104 MOSFET driver boasts several notable features, including:

  • Single PWM input

  • Shutdown input feature

  • Screw terminals for load supply and load

  • Input and logic supply head connector

  • Logic for preventing cross-conduction

  • Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation

  • Tolerance to negative transient voltage

  • Immunity to dV/dt

  • Undervoltage lockout

  • Logic for preventing cross-conduction

  • Internally set deadtime

  • High side output in phase with the input

  • Shutdown input that turns off both channels

  • Matched propagation delay for both channels

  • Lead-free option available


Average load current10amps
Peak current20amps
VCC voltage range12V ~ 36V DC
Logic gate voltage supply12-15V DC
Content of compatible input signals3.3V-15V
Fully operational+600V
Gate drive supply rangefrom 10 to 20V
Operating Temperature-40°C~150°C TJ
PinoutSMD-based design

IR2104 Pinout

The IR2104 pinout typically includes eight mountable pins arranged in a through-hole configuration. Its 8-DIP package commonly contains two internal drivers based on CMOS technology, which are used to drive an N-channel MOSFET and IGBT half-bridge gate configuration.

ir2104 pinout.png

Pin Configuration

Pin No.Pin NameDescription
1VCCLogic and internal gate drive supply voltage
2INInput Pin
3SDShutdown Pin (Active Low)
4COMChip power and signal ground
5LOLow side gate driver output
6VSHigh side floating supply return
7HOHigh side gate driver output
8VBHigh side gate driver floating supply

IR2104 Typical Schematic

IR2104 Typical Schematic.jpg

IR2104 Functional Block Diagram

IR2104 Functional Block Diagram.jpg

IR2104 MOSFET Simplified Circuit Diagram

IR2104 MOSFET Simplified Circuit Diagram.jpg

IR2104 Equivalent

DGD2104, IR2103, IRS2104, IR2153 and IR2110 can be equivalent to IR2104.

How to use IR2104

During operation, the half-bridge gate driver receives PWM signals from a controller, such as the Arduino Uno. When connected to the Arduino via pin D9, it drives both the low and high sides of the MOSFET. Alternatively, connecting it to Gate pin D8 from pin three on the Arduino enables shutdown control signals. It is essential for the PWM to eventually reach the maximum duty cycle for the charge pump to function properly.


Absolute Maximum Ratings

IR21004 Absolute Maximum Ratings.png

Recommended Operating Conditions

  • These are the critical limits to adhere to when using the driver IC to prevent damage:

  • Ambient temperature (TA): -40 to 125°C.

  • Supply voltage (VS) for low side and logic: 10 to 20V.

  • Absolute voltage for high side (VB): VS + 10 to VS + 20.

  • Floating output voltage for high side: VS to VB.

  • Floating offset voltage for high side: Note 1 to 600V.

  • Logic input voltage range: 0 to VCC.

  • Output voltage for the low side: 0 to VCC.

IR2104 Applications

  • DC-DC power supplies

  • Motor drive boards

  • Driving high-power switching devices

  • Power supplies

  • Inverters

IR2104 Package

IR2104 Package.jpg

IR2104 Datasheet

Download IR2104 Datasheet PDF.

IR2104 vs. IR2101

The IR2104 is a high voltage, high-speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver with independent high and low side referenced output channels. In comparison, the IR2101 is a high and low side driver. The IRS2104 is a new HVIC product that replaces the IR2101 and is pin-to-pin compatible with its predecessor. The IRS2104 has faster rise and fall times than the IR2104.

Driver600V 2-OUTHigh and Low Side
Logic input compatibleStandard CMOS or LSTTLN/A


The IR2104 utilizes an amplifier and level shifter to convert low-power signals from a microcontroller into high-current drives. This feature makes it suitable for various circuit systems, including those for DC brushed motors, industrial drivers, and induction coil drivers.

While gate drivers like the IR2104 are commonly used in industrial applications, they are also valuable in DIY projects. However, constructing DIY circuits requires proper professional guidance to ensure safe and effective implementation.

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  • What is IR2104 used for?
  • The IR2104 is suitable for driving high-power switching devices such as MOSFETs and IGBTs, and it can drive both high-side and low-side MOSFETs.

  • What is half bridge gate driver?
  • Half-bridge gate drivers are high-voltage, high-speed gate drivers designed to drive N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs.

  • What is the difference between IRS2104 and IR2104?
  • The IRS2104 features faster rise and fall times compared to the IR2104.

  • Why is IR2104 MOSFET driver not working?
  • To enable the chip, you should keep the SD pin high. However, if you were properly activating the SD pin (which you currently aren't), you would need to include a base resistor. Without this base resistor, the IN input cannot exceed approximately 0.7 volts, which is unlikely to activate the IR2104.

  • What is the difference between a full bridge and half bridge gate driver?
  • Half-bridge drivers incorporate one low-side and one high-side driver, enabling them to drive Q1 and Q2 (or Q3 and Q4) simultaneously. Full-bridge drivers, on the other hand, include two low-side and two high-side drivers, allowing them to drive all four FETs.

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