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Qualcomm introduces Wi-Fi 7-enabled third-generation professional networking platform portfolio

업데이트 시간: 2022-05-05 16:53:50

Qualcomm introduces Wi-Fi 7-enabled third-generation professional networking platform portfolio

Qualcomm Technologies Inc. announced the availability of its third-generation portfolio of Qualcomm Professional Networking Platforms that support Wi-Fi 7 networks. The third-generation Qualcomm Pro Networking Platform is the world's highest-performing portfolio of commercial Wi-Fi 7 network infrastructure platforms and is now available for sampling to development partners worldwide. Building on the strengths of multiple generations of Qualcomm Pro Networking Platforms, the new platform combines Wi-Fi 7 network features with Qualcomm Technologies' intelligent multi-channel management technology to deliver increased speed, reduced latency, and improved network utilization for Wi-Fi 6/6E end users, as well as transformative ultra-high throughput and unparalleled low latency for next-generation Wi-Fi 7 devices.

Nick Kucharewski, senior vice president and general manager of the Wireless Infrastructure and Networking business at Qualcomm Technologies, said:

Qualcomm Technologies is ushering in the 10Gbps Wi-Fi era with the first deliveries to customers of the Qualcomm family of professional networking platforms supporting Wi-Fi 7. Combining support for the latest Wi-Fi 7 innovations with our unique product architecture, the platform will enable various solutions, including whole-home mesh networks for the home and network connectivity for large public spaces. We look forward to bringing a new level of customer systems to current applications and the emerging Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem with this product line.

Neil Shah, vice president of research at Counterpoint Research, said:

Building on the strong momentum and technology leadership of Wi-Fi 6/6E, Qualcomm Technologies brings the third generation of the Qualcomm Pro networking platform supporting Wi-Fi 7, delivering wireless record capacity and throughput performance to take home and enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure a whole new level. By introducing Wi-Fi 7 innovations such as multi-connection concurrent operation, 4K QAM modulation technology, quad-band configurations, and more in a highly scalable and modular optimized architecture, Qualcomm Technologies is leading the change and driving the industry into the 10Gbps+ era. This innovative platform will help bring users unprecedented rich content and immersive wireless experience, even in network-constrained environments.

Sean Harris, president, and chief marketing officer of eero, said:

We are proud to be working with Qualcomm to bring advanced wireless networking solutions. Qualcomm Technologies' Wi-Fi networking products help us deliver the latest technology and a broad portfolio of products to customers such as retailers, professional installers, homebuilders, and Internet service providers in 19 countries worldwide.

The third-generation Qualcomm Pro Networking Platform sets a new industry benchmark for the performance of network connectivity solutions. It delivers 33 Gbps of peak aggregated wireless capacity and more than 10 Gbps of point-to-point connectivity to systems. Thanks to advanced features such as interference detection and multi-connection operation, the Wi-Fi 7 Professional Networking Platform delivers deterministic low latency in challenging shared wireless environments, delivering application performance comparable to the private spectrum. In addition, the third-generation Qualcomm Pro Networking Platform brings high-speed, low-latency wireless backhaul to home mesh Wi-Fi and enterprise infrastructures, enabling reliable performance even in the presence of neighborhood interference. The platform can combine 5G fixed wireless access, 10G-PON fiber, and other high-performance network access methods for HD video conferencing, AR and VR, and high-performance cloud gaming to give users an immersive network connectivity experience.

Qualcomm's professional networking platform offers tri-band and quad-band configurations to support Wi-Fi connectivity in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz spectrums. The Qualcomm Pro Networking Platform with Wi-Fi 7 support delivers unparalleled high performance through the deployment of key features, including

Support for the Wi-Fi 7 320MHz channel (achieving a 2x increase in throughput compared to Wi-Fi 6) to deliver maximum throughput and ultra-low latency for the most network demanding real-time gaming, streaming, video sharing, and XR applications.

Multi-connect technology supports dynamic aggregation of user traffic or band changes in highly congested network environments to avoid wireless interference and deliver deterministic, predictable low latency. When used with leading Wi-Fi 7 client systems such as Qualcomm® FastConnect 7800, the third-generation Qualcomm Pro networking platform leverages the high-performance 5GHz and 6GHz bands for optimal throughput and multi-connectivity latency performance through support for high-frequency multi-connectivity concurrent technologies.

To maximize the use of the 6GHz band even over long distances and outdoors, Qualcomm Technologies has introduced Qualcomm Automated Frequency Control, a one-stop solution for hardware and software. The solution is now available for integration with user devices supporting Qualcomm's professional networking platform and Qualcomm's immersive home networking platform and will be commercially available upon regulatory approval.

Like the first two generations of platforms, the third-generation Qualcomm Professional Networking Platform is designed through customization to ensure customers can quickly bring a wide range of connectivity solutions to market. The highly scalable, modular platform architecture leverages a common software and hardware development approach to deliver a range of configurations with global applicability, each supporting optimized multi-channel usage scenarios to address spectrum availability in different regions. Whether for enterprise, SMB, carrier gateway, professional user mesh, or home deployments, the family offers various platforms to choose from. The full platform portfolio includes.

Qualcomm 1620 Professional Networking Platform: Supports quad-band 16-stream connectivity with a peak wireless capacity of 33.1Gbps for stadiums, large enterprises, and top-of-the-line home mesh systems.

Qualcomm 1220 Professional Networking Platform: Supports tri-band 12-stream connectivity with a peak wireless capacity of 21.6Gbps for enterprise, SMB, consumer, and top-tier home mesh networking systems.

Qualcomm 820 Professional Networking Platform: Supports quad-band 8-stream connectivity with a peak wireless capacity of 13.7Gbps for enterprise, SMB, consumer, and top-tier home mesh networking systems.

Qualcomm 620 Professional Networking Platform: Supports tri-band 6-stream connectivity with a peak wireless capacity of 10.8Gbps for enterprise, SMB, gaming applications, and home mesh networking systems.


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