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> MEMS / sensing technology > What are temperature sensors and which ones are temperature sensors

What are temperature sensors and which ones are temperature sensors

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The temperature sensor is very accurate for the measurement of the ambient temperature and is widely used in agriculture, industry, workshops, warehouses and other places. There are many types of temperature sensors, and different types of temperature sensing elements can be obtained from the manufacturer's product manual. The following types of temperature sensors are briefly described below: Classification by temperature sensing elements can be roughly divided into platinum thermal resistance temperature sensors, thermoelectric There are three major types of temperature sensors, thermistor temperature sensors.

temperature sensor

1: Platinum thermal resistance temperature sensor

Platinum thermal resistance is designed and manufactured using the basic principle that the resistance value of platinum wire changes with temperature. It is divided into 10 according to the resistance value R (° C) at 0 ° C. The temperature range of ohms (grading number is Pt10) and 100 ohms (grading number is Pt100) is -200 ~ 850 ℃. Models that use PT100 platinum thermal resistance as the temperature sensing element include armored, assembled, socket, and end face thermal resistance. The measurable range is -200 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius, and -50 degrees Celsius to 850 degrees Celsius. Mainly used in industries that require small temperature errors or precision instruments.

2: Thermocouple temperature sensor

The thermocouple temperature sensor is mainly welded together by two different metal materials, the main temperature changes, then different potentials will be generated at both ends, and the corresponding temperature will be derived from the change in potential Variety. Measurable temperature: up to 2300 degrees, K type positive grade that is more suitable in high temperature section.

Thermocouple temperature sensor

3: Thermistor

Consisting of metal oxide ceramics, is a low-cost, most sensitive temperature sensor. Temperature measurement range: The temperature range is about -50 to 200 degrees, the volume is small, and the response time is fast. Because of its low price, it has been applied to many household appliances.




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