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> MEMS / sensing technology > Wireless sensors commonly used in aquaculture monitoring systems

Wireless sensors commonly used in aquaculture monitoring systems

게시 된 시간: 2020-03-25 10:45:17

Farming is a technical task, and it is very difficult for a layman to do it with both hands. Aquaculture is not an emerging industry in China, but this industry has always taken great care to operate. To do aquaculture well, you must deal with water temperature and dissolved oxygen.

Wireless sensor

1.Wireless water temperature sensor

Water temperature plays a key role in aquaculture. Too low temperature will not only cause the fish to grow too slowly, but low temperature will reduce the enzyme activity in the fish's body and lead to direct death of the fish. The degree of activity led to its death. Therefore, the use of water temperature sensors becomes particularly important. Xinxin IoT water temperature sensors can directly detect the temperature of water, and report this value to the management staff, so that the management staff can clearly see the current temperature of the water temperature.

2.Wireless dissolved oxygen sensor

Oxygen is the decisive factor for the growth of animals. Of course, the same is true for fish growing in water. They need to survive by dissolved oxygen in the water. If the lack of oxygen is severe, it will directly cause fish to die. Xinxin Wulian dissolved oxygen sensor can directly detect the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water. The lower the temperature, the higher the concentration of dissolved oxygen. By detecting the concentration of oxygen, the breeder can know whether the pond water is deficient in oxygen. Fish grows safely.

3.Wireless Switch Controller

The wireless switch controller can automatically start and stop the aerator according to the temperature and the upper and lower limits of the dissolved oxygen concentration set by the user to reduce the water temperature and increase the amount of dissolved oxygen. Its control signal belongs to wireless transmission; the load is above 1.5Kw.

4.Wireless Smart Gateway

The wireless intelligent gateway will connect the monitoring system to the network, receive the monitoring data from the sensors, and transmit the data to the user's mobile phone or Xinxin data center; receive the control information sent by the user's mobile phone to control the start and stop of the aerator.

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